For fulfilling the needs of every Customer

Yes – For a Cab Service like Ontimetaxi – the Customers requiring their Service are really assorted – hailing from different walks of life. The vehicle they need to carry out their purposes may be small, medium, or big in shape and seating capacity. In line with the Policy Statement of Ontimetaxi “When you book our Cabs you feel as if you own it”- the Cab they get should be perfect, and meets all their needs well and squarely. When you engage a Cab from the following categories, we wish you should be really astonished by an exclamation “Wow – what a Car?” And murmur “Yes I would love to own a Car like this!” See here what we have for you

Standard Taxi

You might have seen this type of Taxis, typically running in all the Cities of every country. These are flying on all the routes you are residing inside Melbourne. You can hire them at any time throughout the day and night, by calling Ontimetaxi.

You will get instant intimation about the time of appearance of our Taxi before you. Our drivers (there are thousands of them fleeing all over Melbourne roads) will send an SMS to you when they are closing in on your place. The difference is the Car will be new one, attractive model, and meticulously clean and tidy, inside and outside. Ride on them very luxuriously with comfort and pride.

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Maxi Taxi

This Special Taxi serves as a Van (but with the same comforts of a luxury-model car) for carrying groups of up to 10 persons. The fare is normal, but with an additional charge of $14 per trip, if the vehicle is needed to go to the suburban areas.

Well – with such a big vehicle at your disposal, what are the tasks you can undertake?

  • Corporate Companies can take the Group of Delegates to Meetings and Conferences
  • Picking and dropping at Melbourne Airport
  • Tourist parties to go round Melbourne and suburbs
  • Guests for functions, celebrations, and events like wedding, birthdays and other occasions
  • Friends and fans group wish to enjoy sports events, musical concerts, and grand gala parties etc.
  • Convert the Taxi to carry cargo, air baggage, sports equipment, skiing apparatuses, bicycles, and surfboards etc.

A vehicle that is thoroughly convenience-oriented.

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Airport Taxi

A mixed convoy of vehicles from different kinds of Taxis – Specialty Service for commuting to and from Melbourne Airport becomes yours for the asking. You name the vehicle and get it to pick and drop any number of Air Passengers, with their paraphernalia 24 hours of the day.

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Wheelchair Taxi

This is one-of-its-kind Taxi Service of them all by Ontimetaxi. Older age groups, physically challenged persons, and sick people will find this type of Taxis very useful. On seeing it, they will feel completely relaxed and satisfied and thank you and Ontimetaxi Service for understanding their difficulties.

These Wheel Chair Accessible Taxis are waiting to serve your family and friends, all the 24 hours of the day or night – just by visiting the website page or calling the special phone numbers of +61450329971 or +6143574600.

With these Taxis around, you can forget the hassles you might have experienced earlier, for transporting such needy people.

Wagon Taxi

This is a Special Car you would require more accommodation space inside. Passengers won’t feel the pinch like squeezing inside standard types of cars, running as Taxis elsewhere. They can very well accommodate their luggage inside, and still feel the comforts of a luxurious ride from the starting point to the destination.

Arrival time intimation and SMS by a driver areas available in other Taxis.

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